By Tracy Marsac
May 1, 2005 - 11:21:00 PM

Dr. Paige Harrington is flying high off her newly won independence.  At twenty-six, she's coming out from under her daddy's wing and away from his loving, albeit restricting, care and hopes to finally experience life.  After graduating college at sixteen, Paige took her genius and flew through medical school.  While her classmates were out dating and attending parties, she was studying for the next exam.  Now she's more than ready to explore all that life-and men-have to offer.  Those possibilities end, however, when she witnesses a murder and her father brings out the big guns-a full time watch dog by the name of Nick Santorelli.  Paige takes one look at the gorgeous, earthy detective and prescribes herself a cold shower.  A man of his obvious bedroom sophistication couldn't possibly be attracted to an inexperienced, near-virgin like her...could he?

Nick hates the B.S. assignment his captain has given him until he gets a good look at Dr. Harrington.  He's usually drawn to more flashy women, those who know how to play up their assets.  There's something about the poorly dressed doctor, out of his league or not, that intrigues him.  Under his protection, she surrenders to Nick and falls for her lusty bodyguard.  Now she wonders if he'll guard her heart as well as he does her body or will the capture of the serial killer bring an end to their relationship.


Beverly Havlir sets off at a pace that will have readers glued to every page with her well thought out suspenseful plot and fully defined strong, sensual characters.  Nick's sister was killed over a year ago and the investigation is still pending.  Crime scene analysts reveal some startling new information that could finally bring closure and peace to his family.  At the same time, it also raises the level of danger Paige is in and Nick is determined to keep her safe at all costs.  Equally compelling is their intimacy and growing love.  Nick is not ashamed of his baser needs and thinks he'd shock Paige with the things he wants to do to her.  Shock is not the reaction he gets, however, as she matches his passion and blossoms under his sexual tutelage.  Beverly Havlir's BODYGUARD is a perfect example of a must-read!

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