By Sarah W
Jan 18, 2012 - 10:11:41 AM

Shelby Vanzant is not happy when a man in a rush crashes into her. He blames her for the coffee that spilled all over him when it was clearly his fault. She is still thinking about him when he unexpectedly shows up on her massage table. Shelby is always professional but still, the sparks between them light up the air. Again and again they have missed chances together before her mystery man, Shane Collins, takes fate into his own hands and kisses her on a walking trail.

Shane is not looking for a relationship, not after his last girlfriend called him vanilla in the bedroom and left him in the dust. But he does want to get back on the horse again, so to speak, and he cannot ignore the chemistry that sparks between him and Shelby. They agree to a no dating, strictly bedroom based arrangement. It is fun and carefree and everything Shane wants, and more, because he is starting to care for her, very deeply. Shelby feels the same but after her last relationship ended, her self-confidence has taken a nosedive. Will Shane and Shelby find a way to communicate to each other just how much they want to take the next step, before it is too late?

BODYWORK is pure fun! Shane and Shelby are lively characters with interesting and varied lives of their own. Shelby is a hard working professional, a business owner of her massage parlor. Shane is an architect and takes his career seriously. They have great family lives and a close circle of friends but both yearn for someone special. I loved seeing their missed opportunities and how those moments ended up driving them closer together. In addition, there is a great secondary cast of characters that makes what happens in Shane and Shelby’s relationship more realistic and less isolated. There are meddling parents, a mischievous younger brother, and two friends who care deeply for Shane and Shelby.

BODYWORK ended up being much more enjoyable than I expected! I was a fan of the characters very quickly, finding them both likeable and smart. Marie Harte left me feeling happy and excited for this couple, the perfect example of why I read romance to begin with.

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