Bombshell to Boardroom

Author: J.T. Schultz

Publisher: Whiskey Creek

Release Date: May 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Charming Chocolates, a candy company, is in trouble. They need a major miracle to save the company and Randal, head of advertising has just the thing. They need a new way to look at chocolates, a new take on an old favorite. Candace Charming, the socialite heiress and daughter of the owner is just the person for the job. However, no one, not even her own father, thinks she is capable of conducting business at a meeting unless it is to discuss fabric for window covers.

Randal makes a bet that for a million dollars and the CEO’s position he can turn Candace from a beautiful bombshell that has shopping and social skills, into a boardroom powerhouse who can make an immense profit for the company. His gut instinct tells him that she is capable of it, because there is a flicker of something in her eyes that tells him that she is smarter than everyone thinks she is. However, once he persuades her to give business a shot, Randal finds that he wants her for more than the boardroom; he wants her in the bedroom. Can he take the boss’ daughter from a beauty in the boardroom to being a knockout in his bedroom? Alternatively, will he lose the bet and the bombshell?


Candace Charming is sick and tired of being labeled an idiot, a bimbo Barbie. Just because she knows, the difference between magenta and hot pink does not mean that she is a brainless dimwit who doesn’t know left from right. Her chance to show her father and his board of style-less, unoriginal trustees that she can run his company with her eyes closed and make big money in return comes in the form of Randal, a dark eyed, sexy department head who for some reason sees more to her than a ditzy shopaholic. She knows she can turn the company around and start generating a profit too. However, she learns quickly that she has more than running a company on her hands. She has to prove herself and save the company from whoever is trying to destroy it from the inside. Moreover, she wants to prove to Randy that she is more than a silly blonde; that she is a sexy smart woman that can rock his world, in more ways than one.


BOMBSHELL TO BOARDROOM is a zany, hot read! Candace is a truly charming character who proves that looks can be deceiving. This story proves you can’t judge a book by its cover, and that there is always more than what meets the eye. Randy is a sexy smooth hero who saves the company through innovative ideas and an unlikely partner. I loved how Randal and Candace steam up the pages and incite audible laughter throughout. Ms. Schultz has a talent for penning humorous, enjoyable reads that are steamy, sexy and witty. There were moments that caused genuine giggles, a bit of sadness, and of course, moments that caused the heat in the room to spike a few notches. Grab BOMBSHELL TO BOARDROOM for a fabulous summer read!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lorelei Mattison

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