Bondage Ranch: Roped In

Author: Sindra van Yssel

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: December 15, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Ebook

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Fed up with her life, city girl Laera McDougal decides to go camping.  She’s not so much interested in getting close to nature, as she is in finding spiritual enlightenment of some sort.  But she never expected to find her future.

Bruce Merrick, also known as Zen Master Bruce, is a Dom who has had his heart broken.  He refuses to put his heart on the line ever again, contenting himself by playing with single subs with no commitment.  He doesn’t expect his world to be turned on its head when he finds an injured woman in the woods.


Eager to escape her noisy neighbors at the campground, Laera decides to take a hike through the woods.  She came to the campground seeking quiet, and she can’t understand why people would come camping but bring real life trappings with them.  But the seemingly easy hike turns perilous when she finds herself lost and getting more lost by the second.  Then she trips over something, injuring her ankle.


She tries to find her way back, clinging to branches and plants, but only succeeds in becoming more lost.  When she falls again, her tirade brings her a rescuer.  Laera knows she should be frightened, but for some reason she instantly feels trust for Bruce.


When he takes her to his car, she is surprised to find a ranch of sorts where people are in various states of undress and one woman is tied to a tree.  Bruce explains it is Bondage Ranch, where there are retreats several times a year for people in the lifestyle.


Despite Laera’s initial shock, she finds herself growing curious and intrigued.  When Bruce takes her back to her tent, she can no longer deny her attraction to him and the two have sex.  The next day, he convinces her to spend the day at Bondage Ranch to see if she likes her experiences.


When it is time for her to leave, Bruce lets her go, citing the distance between their homes.  He feels it is better for her to find someone who can give her his heart rather than to be with him.  He introduces her to Mistress Sue, who lives near her, so she can give her guidance, as she seeks a Master.


Laera feels nothing for any of the Masters she ends up going out with and Sue makes it her business to fix things.  Will Bruce see the light and finally give his heart?


BONDAGE RANCH: ROPED IN is Ms. van Yssel’s first book and I hope it is the first of many.  Her characters are full of life and personality and every character serves a purpose in the story.  Bruce is a yummy hero who will fit every requirement of the reader and Laera is a delightful heroine who, while submissive, is not afraid to give voice to her wants and desires.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: CinLee

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