By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 3, 2008 - 9:20:09 AM

Sela isn’t exactly enthusiastic about her weekend adventure with her friends Carla and Robin.  They’re visiting a ‘Castle’ in Saratoga, New York for the Fantasy Weekend where each woman has pre-requested a particular fantasy man.  Sela’s not so sure this is such a good idea but she’s adopting a wait and see attitude.

While Carla and Robin both are met by their fantasy romance hero, Sela is yet to see the Gothic hero she’d requested.  There is a candidate in the corner who looks promising but he doesn’t pay her any mind so she becomes a bit uncomfortable and begins mouthing off. 


Daniel Bond is the owner of the multi-billion dollar enterprise which caters to women’s fantasies.  When he hears Sela refer to the entire affair as a ‘sideshow’ well, that’s not something he’s willing to let slide.  After finding out that the actor who was to play her ‘Tortured Gothic Man’ is sick and can’t play his part he makes the decision to take care of little Miss Mouth himself.


Sela is offended at her ‘hero.’  He’s so obviously inferior to what she requested and his approach simply rubs her the wrong way.  She makes the decision to skip the Friday Mixer and stay in her room.  What she hadn’t expected is for her ‘fantasy man’ to show up in her room while she’s in the process of satisfying her own needs.


Dan has every intention of fulfilling every single one of Sela’s fantasies – no matter what.  After all, he can’t have anyone causing him the amount of discomfort her attitude and smart mouth have already inflicted.  Sela takes him up on his offer and puts him through his paces. When the weekend’s over will they part ways amicably and will she even believe that he is who he claims to be?


What woman wouldn’t love to have her fantasies brought to life – even if only for the weekend?  Anne Wesley Hardin’s BONDED kept me chuckling just imagining Sela ‘mouthing off’ and Dan’s reactions to her snide comments.  There’s a real chemistry between them that’s simply irresistible – especially once he begins playing various roles per her request.  What I hadn’t expected is the emotional angle that comes into play as we delve into the characters backgrounds and the reasons behind their behavior.  Anne Wesley Hardin definitely fulfilled my every expectation when I picked up this story.


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