By Sherri Myers
Oct 1, 2003 - 10:51:00 PM

Ainsley Parker was the pretty girl-next-door in the town of Skary, Indiana. She was intrigued with Martha Stewart and did many of her household duties "just like Martha would". Ainsley lived with her sheriff father in Skary but couldn't wait to get out of the town she once loved. The only thing holding there was her love for her Aunt Gert and her duty to her widowed father.

Wolfe Boone, or Boo as the locals called him, was a reclusive author famous for his bloody horror novels and was the reason Ainsley wanted out of town. She hated what Boo had turned her beloved town into with his dark mysteries. Everywhere she went the names of the businesses had something to do with horror, like The Haunted Mansion Restaurant where she worked as a waitress. As a Christian, Ainsley was troubled by all the references to blood and horror and had even prayed for Boo's salvation.She never counted on it really happening.


When Boo becomes a Christian and decides to give up writing horror novels, it sends the whole town into a frenzy. Thus begins an intricate plan headed by Miss Missy Peeple, the resident busybody, to find out if Boo really had found religion or if it was just a publicity plot. After finding out that Boo and Ainsley have begun spending substantial time together, she becomes determined to keep them apart. She feels with Boo and Ainsley in love and with Boo's Christianity, the town would never be the same and she was determined to keep it just as it was and that she would be the one charged with protecting the town's reputation.


This novel was a delightfully well-written love story filled with many quirky characters bent on keeping their town's scary reputation. A once-reclusive horror novelist who has found salvation and a pretty waitress he has secretly loved for many years are a wonderful addition to the story's cast. Rene Gutteridge's BOO held my attention page after page and the tangled webs Missy Peeple weaves through her silly antics kept me amused throughout the book. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great novel full of love and laughter from cover to cover.

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