Booty Call
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 2, 2012 - 8:45:21 PM

After five years fantasizing about her boss who’s never going to notice her as a woman Nicole Lang’s worked up the guts to turn in her resignation and follow her dreams.  Actually it’s not quite as simple as that, she’s been writing erotic novels on the side and she’s finally hit the New York Times best seller list.  She’s even been contracted for three more books.  No more naughty fantasies about her boss, no more conservative dress clothing, and definitely no more business attire whatsoever. She can work barefoot wearing sweats if she wants.  Doesn’t mean she won’t miss seeing Dan everyday but before she goes she can resist one little kiss.

Dan Gust is stunned when Nicole reveals that she’s not only a published author, but an erotic author at that.  Of course she wouldn’t reveal her pen name so that leaves him to do a bit of research on his own into the world of erotic romance and he’s not at all happy with what he finds.  Vampires, space pirates, werewolves – all overly well-endowed with appendages that no mortal man could possibly claim.  He might have been content to just let Nicole go about her life but there was that one little kiss in his office that has him hungering for much more.  Maybe he could even convince her to agree to his plan – if he can prove to her that ‘regular people can have insane sex’ then the next novel she writes has to be all human – and no super enhanced appendages.


At first Nicole doesn’t believe she heard Dan correctly.  He’s not even attracted to her, is he?  He’s quick to dissuade her of that notion though and show her exactly how good they can be together – and awakens the muse who’d gone into hiding since she quit her ‘day job.’  Following their encounter there’s a problem at Dan’s work, a data stream containing millions of names and addresses stored on their servers has been accessed without permission – using Nicole’s login.  She would never do such a thing but that doesn’t stop his lawyer from contacting her regarding the problem – and of course in a fit of temper she takes the issue up with Dan.  He’s man enough to make a booty call, but not to confront her the morning after?  If sparks weren’t flying before they are now – and not all in a good way!


With people spending so much time at work it’s easy to imagine how workplace romances get started – or the frustration of not being able to act on your desires.  Fiona Jayde’s BOOTY CALL is fast paced, sexy, and unexpectedly fun.  The characters are bold and daring and their interactions are undeniably hot.  What I especially liked about this story is the insight into how Dan and Nicole have blatantly ignored their attraction to each other simply because of the policy against inner office romances.


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