Born to be Wilde

Author: Janelle Denison

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: September 4, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Joel Wilde is an ex-marine who thrives on the high-octane excitement that comes with his job as a security specialist.   He has no plans to give up the adventure and settle down, not even with a tempting woman like Lora Marshall.   Lora’s brother, Zach, is also an ex-marine who served with Joel in Iraq. Zach asks Joel to protect his sister from some extremely dangerous men who might hurt her. Zach owes a bookie a large sum of money. Joel agrees but sets a few ground rules in order to keep the relationship with Lora on a professional level.   The only problem with having rules is that Joel is well known for being a rule breaker.

Lora Marshall has a very busy life.   The last thing she's looking for is a relationship, especially one with a sexy as sin man with a heart-breaker reputation.   Unfortunately, this particular man is impossible to resist and she finds herself indulging in a scorching affair with her seductive bodyguard.   Can Lora protect her heart and keep herself from becoming too attached to this self-professed bachelor? When the bad guys violently threaten Lora, will Joel be able to protect her?   Can he find some way to resolve the situation in which Zach has gotten them all involved?   Will they be able to walk away with their hearts intact when all is said and done?


The book, BORN TO BE WILDE, is a wonderful addition to the WILDE series written by the extremely talented Janelle Denison.   It is easy to see why Lora is drawn to Joel so completely.   Strong, protective, caring, tender and funny are all terms that come to mind when thinking of this sexy man.   I got the impression that Joel is a man who could talk a nun out of her bloomers and she would smile while stripping.   Lora Marshall is a heroine with heart.   She is a loving sister, a loyal friend and handles tense situations with aplomb.


BORN TO BE WILDE is a stand-alone story but it also gives small glimpses into the lives of characters that Denison’s long-time fans will recognize from earlier WILDE novels.   Readers who have never picked up one of the WILDE novels should be warned - you might find yourself running to the bookstore to find all the previous novels in the series.   Denison has written a fabulous story that will surely garner her even more fans.   Pick up a copy of BORN TO BE WILDE and enjoy this WILDE ride!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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