Bottled Up
By Christina
Aug 24, 2009 - 8:49:11 PM

Sean is the proud owner of a boutique wine store. When he sees a man being attacked behind his store he immediately runs over to help him. He prevents the attacker from raping the victim until help arrives. When Sean gets a good look at the man he rescued he is surprised to see that it is not a man but a teenage boy.


Bobby Thompson ran away from an unsafe foster home and has been living on the streets ever since. Sean feels an instant kinship with Bobby. The decision to take him in and give him a safe place to live is not a difficult one. Bobby has survived a lot in his young life and Sean quickly realizes what a great kid Bobby is and he surprised to find his parental instincts coming to life.


Bobby is not the only new man in Sean’s life. The officer investigating Bobby’s case comes into the wine shop quite a bit and Sean is surprised yet again to learn that Sam is interested in dating him. An interest that Sean shares and the two men hit it off. Sean’s life is changing for the better and he couldn’t be happier. However, the man who attacked Bobby is still out there. Will Sean and Sam be able to keep him safe?


BOTTLED UP by Andrew Grey is a charming and moving novel with some suspense mixed in. I like Sean very much. He is a good man with a big heart. His willingness to help a young boy in need is endeared him to me. Bobby is also very appealing. He has survived many horrible things in his young life but he hasn’t let that destroy him. I admired his strength and his resilience. The relationship that forms between Sean and Bobby is sweet and touching. I came to care about these characters and I cheered them on to the end. The secondary characters are also a lot of fun.  The search for Bobby’s attacker remained intriguing and added tension and emotion to the plot. This is a well-written story that left me feeling good.

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