Come Again, Book 1 - Bottoms Up

Author: Miranda Baker

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: December 28, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Johnny Delcorral is the proud owner of Johnny’s Downtown, a popular BDSM club. He’s well known in the New York BDSM community and pursued by female submissives longing for a bit of discipline from the dynamic Dom.  Heavily tattooed with multiple piercings there’s a dangerous and powerful air about him that Destiny’s drawn to – even though she’s a Dom herself and doesn’t submit – or at least she’s never truly wanted to before.  Johnny’s had his eye on Destiny for quite some time so he’s definitely looking forward to the challenge of introducing her to her submissive nature – especially since she’s worked so hard to keep it hidden.


Destiny Blake is very comfortable amongst the BDSM clubs.  Her penchant for leather, biker boots and dreadlocks fit right in amongst the whips, tattoos and naked skin among the other assorted paraphernalia of the trade.  What’s unsettling for her is the simple fact that she can’t muster any enthusiasm for any of the available subs and as a Domme, isn’t that where her interests should lie?  Instead she’s completely captivated by Johnny, the bartender and club owner, and there’s no doubt that he’d never bottom.


With the simple lifting of his eyebrow Johnny summons Destiny to him but if he thinks she’ll be kneeling at his feet like one of his little beck and call submissives he’d better think again.  Destiny’s trusting nature and seeming fearlessness strike a chord with him and remind him of the reason he ‘plays’ rather than getting seriously involved with any of the subs he meets.  Destiny scares him because she doesn’t have any limits.  There’s nothing he’s done to or with her that she’s balked at and he’s afraid history might be repeating itself.  For Destiny, her relationship with Johnny is new, exciting and undeniably scary.  The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that while she does enjoy the control she exerts as a Domme, there’s something freeing in submitting to Johnny.  Overshadowing Johnny’s growing feelings for Destiny is his constant worry that she doesn’t seem to have any limits – and that’s flat out dangerous and something he can’t handle.


Sexy and emotionally draining is the best way to describe Miranda Baker’s BOTTOMS UP.  Destiny and Johnny act on their sexual attraction without ever discussing their fears or previous bad experiences which only adds to the level of anxiety for both of them.  Without a certain level of honesty it’s impossible to form a real relationship and in this case could ultimately destroy the fragile bond they’ve formed.  I really enjoyed BOTTOMS UP simply because Johnny sees through Destiny’s self-protective Domme cover and is able to free the submissive within her, but at the same time he opens her to potential pain if he can’t get past his own fears.  Miranda Baker delivers a fascinating read full of passion, defiance, some ‘in your face’ attitude and a romance that will ultimately help heal wounds long left to fester – beautifully done. 


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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