Bound By Flames
By Carol Huffman
May 3, 2015 - 12:21:23 PM

Jeaniene Frost is an amazing author. I've been a fan of her work since High School. It was no surprise that I fell in love with Bound By Flames after the first chapter. I've read almost every book she's written, and have yet to be disappointed.

Leila spent years as a Carnie, so she was just as surprised as everyone else when she not only fell in love with, but married one of the most famous Vampires in the World. Even more surprising, after a fatal accident, Leila had to be turned into a Vampire. All the years in the Carnie could never have prepared Leila for what comes next.

Vlad's only weakness... He's extremely overprotrctive of his new bride, Leila. Unfortunately, that's something all of his enemies know as well. Vlad has to keep Leila safe, but that's proving more difficult than expected when Leila begins to distance herself from Vlad due to his overprotectiveness. Can Vlad show Leila what he is doing is for her own good before it's too late?

When Vlad leaves town, Leila stays behind to remain safely tucked away in her new mansion. After an air strike destroys her home, Leila is kidnapped and held as a pawn by one of Vlad's oldest enemies. Can Vlad remain calm long enough to find Leila? He has to. But when videos are sent to him of the torture Leila is enduring, Vlad reaches his breaking point. How long before Vlad compromises Leila's chances of survival and his empire, completely?

Bound by Flames is the third novel in Jeaniene Frost's Night Prince series. You'll have a hard time focusing on anything other than Leila and Vlad. Bound by flames is full of laughs, romance, and just enough action to last until the next novel comes out.

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