By Natasha Smith
Jul 10, 2006 - 3:40:00 PM

Katie Long is so tired of everyone in town knowing her business and thinking of her as a good girl.   For once she would like to just let everything go and be the bad girl her mind dreams about.  Katie dreams of a man who will take control of her body and fulfill all of her sexual needs.  One who looks exactly like casino security guard Joe Carson.  After thinking and fantasizing about Joe nonstop, Katie finally gets up enough nerve to tease him one night while at work.  Performing for Joe on the casino security camera, Katie doesn’t realize how much her performance will affect him, and her.  She doesn’t know it but Joe is the answer to all her sexual needs. 

Joe Carson has been watching and wanting Katie Long for two months now.  One night at work, while watching the security cameras, Joe receives a phone call from Katie. She instructs him to watch the security monitor showing her office.  What he sees instantly arouses and enthralls him.  Good girl Katie is giving Joe the show of a lifetime and he is unable to tear his eyes away.  When she meets him in the surveillance room, Joe knows that he has to have her; on his terms, in his bed, bound.
Katie and Joe explore their sexuality and deepest fantasies.  There is just one problem.  Katie can’t imagine staying in the small town where she grew up.  As soon as she gets enough money, she is leaving for the city and there is nothing anyone can say to make her change her mind, not even Joe. 
BOUND by Sasha White pushed major buttons with me.  While the intense sexual relationship between Joe and Katie left me breathless at times, I soon became enamored of both of them.  I adored Katie for her eagerness, and Joe for his patience and fortitude.  Ms. White’s description of them was so realistic that I could see them in my mind. 
BOUND was highly charged, emotional, and extremely erotic.  It made for a great afternoon and evening read since I was unable to put it down until I read the last word.  I thought it well written and I am thrilled to add an author to my automatic read list.

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