Bound By Love
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2006 - 4:21:00 PM

Nikki has worked long and hard to obtain her career goals. No way is she going to risk everything to indulge in dominance and submission games, even if the man tempting her to play is too enticing for words.

Mack has been pursing Nikki for the past six months. They both share office space as well as a similarity of job titles within the military. He can fully appreciate her dedication to her job, but life isn't all about our careers and Mack fully intends to introduce Nikki to the fine art of loving.

Visiting a sex club in search of one of her soldiers definitely isn't rating high on Nikki's 'things to do' list but she isn't prepared for him to be declared AWOL because he is unaware that leave has been revoked and he needed to report for duty on Monday morning. She thought it would be quick - 'get in, find Whitman, give him the message and get out. That's not what happens though because Mack was present in the manager's office the whole time that Nikki was there. He follows her out to her car to confront her on her true feelings for him and talk about the D/s life he enjoys which Nikki is trying so hard to pretend she isn't interested trying. She can't keep lying to herself or Mack regarding her desires, especially when he's offering everything that she's fantasized about - Mack in complete control of her pleasure as well as his own. Unwilling to fight her own desires any longer, Nikki agrees to allow Mack to teach her the pleasures to be found in being dominated. Will she regret it?

Loribelle Hunt's BOUND BY LOVE allows the reader to experience Nikki's introduction to the D/s lifestyle vicariously through the characters. I was immediately charmed by Nikki. She's a strong, caring woman who risks her own reputation by entering a well-known sex club in search of one of one of the soldiers. Mack is wonderfully self-confident and heart touchingly tender with Nikki. He's the ideal dominant male. Even if you've never had any interest in the D/s life, this story is tame enough to entice the reader to step outside your comfort zone and maybe even try something new.

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