Bound By Love
By Christina
Dec 1, 2008 - 2:34:35 PM

Tyler Newsome has been looking out for his twin brother JT their whole lives. Even though he is the younger of the two, he has always been the responsible one taking care of everything for his brother. As a result JT is a spoiled brat who takes Tyler for granted.

The two have been on the professional bull riding circuit for a long time and Tyler is sick of the lifestyle. He makes the difficult but important decision to look out for himself and do what makes him happy for once. He decides to go home where he belongs.  Home to the man who has always held his heart.


Ren Alston is pleased to hear that Tyler is finally coming home but he is also apprehensive. He has had feelings for Tyler for quite awhile but for many reasons the timing has never been right. He doesn’t know how he will react to having Tyler close again or how the younger man will react to the news that Ren dated his brother. He wonders if Tyler will be able to forgive him.


I like Tyler very much. He is a kind and courageous man. It isn’t easy putting your happiness ahead of the people you love but he definitely deserves to take care of himself for a change. Ren is also an intriguing character who has overcome a lot in his life. Their relationship is engaging and very sensual. BOUND BY LOVE is yet another moving and tender story by author T.A. Chase.


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