Bound Hearts: Wicked Intent

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Tally is, as her on-line namesake, '
Jaded'.  She's not that happy that her friend Terrie is marrying Jesse Wyman or that Jesse handed her over to Lucian Conover after their two companies merged.  Now she is Lucian's P.A. and not at all happy about that either.  Lucian manages to bring out the worst in Tally.  For Tally this is just not on, she likes to be in control of her life, her job.  However, with Lucian her control slips.  What Tally doesn't know is that her on-line friend 'Wicked', who she tells all, is none other than Lucian Conover.  

Lucian had wanted Tally ever since he first met her, her continued resistance and her aggravating attitude only make it worse.   Lucian , after reading Tally's aka 'Jaded' diatribe about himself, vows to get even.  Lucian the wicked man has a big, big surprise for Tally.

Lucian has a twin brother Devril.  They share everything, if one loves so does the other.  When they were younger, they tried to deny their closeness, fought to keep individual personalities, as they grew to adulthood they learned to accept the fact they had a bond, an extremely close bond that neither could deny.


Unbeknown to Tally, she is the one they want, the one they want to master, to love and to cherish.  They are determined to give Tally her ultimate fantasy, if she' s willing to relinquish her control.


WICKED INTENT is like rich dark chocolate, wickedly, delicious and decadent.  The interaction between Tally, Lucian and Devril is superb.  It is extremely erotic so be sure you have something cool near by, you will need it.  I have loved reading Lora Leigh's Bound Heart series and for me WICKED INTENT has been the best so far.  I adored Tally, the way she desperately tries to hold on to her control, while continually being bombarded with the erotic sensuality of the Conover twins, was delightfully entertaining.  And just what can I say about Lucian and Devril, well like all scrumptious chocolate it only leaves you craving for more.  With some sneaky peeks of some new characters, I can't wait to see what Lora Leigh has installed for us next.  


This title is now available along with book 5 of this series - SACRIFICE in the print title WICKED SACRIFICE.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gail

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