Bound To Please
By Christina
Aug 12, 2010 - 8:10:43 PM

Benny has been in love with his boss Jason for a long time but he knows that Jason is never going to notice him. Jason is a well-known and very popular Dom. He can have any sub he wants so why would he notice Benny? However, Benny also has another problem. He isn’t a sub. He wishes he could be but it isn’t who he is. Deep down, he knows there is no way he can give Jason what he needs.


When Benny meets Rain he is instantly smitten. The feeling is mutual and they begin seeing one another. Rain is a sub. He has the need to be dominated and he has subbed for Jason in the past. Rain notices that Benny is attracted to Jason as well. He decides to help Benny fulfill his dream of spending the night with Jason by suggesting that they have a threesome. Benny finds he can’t pass up the opportunity to make his fantasies come true.


Jason has been attracted to Benny for a long time but he knows that Benny isn’t a sub and has always considered him off limits.  When Benny and Rain offer him one night of passion he quickly agrees. However, one night isn’t enough for any of them. Can they make their relationship work long term or are they headed for heart break?


Ms. Gardner has created three very distinctive and fascinating heroes. I enjoyed getting to know them. Each man brings unique strengths to the relationship. Benny, Rain, and Jason may be very different but they work well together. Things aren’t always easy between them but as they work together to overcome their problems they grow closer. I also liked the way that all three of them relate to each other individually. Benny has strong feelings for both Jason and Rain and vice versa. Their relationship is complex and very believable. BOUND TO PLEASE by Kimberly Gardner is a compelling and satisfying BDSM romance.

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