Bound by Moonlight
By Heather M. Riley
Aug 5, 2007 - 6:16:00 PM

Dakota Montgomery is a journalist; it's her job to find the truth. However, when she gets called away from an assignment in Rome to attend the trade talks in Japan, she's not sure she's ready to hear the truth. Her longtime friend and one of the only two men she trusts, Peter O'Conner, is being accused of sharing U.S. Secrets with the Japanese. If the government can prove it, then Peter's guilty of treason. For a Senator looking at being Vice-President, this would ruin him. Dakota is being called to Japan because of her relationship with Peter. She's to be there on the ruse that she's writing a story on the talks, but in reality she's bait for Peter. As if this assignment wasn't bad enough, she has to spend all of her time with Blake Holland. He's stubborn and used to getting his own way, and it's all Dakota can do to keep her hands off him.

  Blake Holland gets what he wants, and he wants Dakota. He knows it's just a matter of time before they're in bed together, but Dakota seems determined to resist him. It doesn't help matters that he's convinced her friend is a traitor. Will they ever be able to find the truth? And will Blake's bedroom predictions come true?

BOUND IN MOONLIGHT is a different type of romance. Angela Weaver has placed her characters in difficult, emotional situations. Dakota refuses to believe the worst of Peter, despite the evidence. Blake knows he has a job to do, but he can't keep his mind, eyes, or hands off Dakota. Even Peter's situation has more to it than anybody knows.

The relationship between Blake and Dakota is electric. They are instantly aware of each other whether they like it or not. You just know that Blake is absolutely right, and they're going to end up in bed. But will they end up happily ever after? Only reading the book will tell you that. Check out BOUND IN MOONLIGHT from Angela Weaver today.

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