Bound by an Angel (Ties that Bind, Book 3)

Author: Mackenzie McKade

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: Ebook - October 9, 2012 / Print – December 3, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Following the untimely death of their parents two years ago Tess Gilmore assumed responsibility for her teenage siblings Levi, Rachel and Rosie.  To help them adjust to life without their parents Tess suggested a move and that’s how they ended up living on a ranch in San Antonio – right next to Clancy Wiseman’s spread.  The last thing Tess needs is the testosterone driven cowboy invading her space and tempting her to give up the celibate lifestyle she’s been living for the past year while she puts her family’s needs ahead of her own.

Clancy Wiseman is a modern day rogue of the first order.  He isn’t looking for commitment, as far as he’s concerned living in the moment is the best policy.  Of course his wild ways have earned him quite a reputation and that won’t serve him well with Tess Gilmore, his latest obsession.  Clancy’s well aware that she’s too refined and nurturing to be his normal kind of woman, she’s a schoolteacher and raising her siblings.  The last thing she needs is the sort of trouble getting involved with him would inevitably cause.


It might have been easy to evade Clancy had it not been for Shelby, one of Tess’s students, who just happens to be well connected to Clancy.  Suddenly she’s roped into dragging her siblings over to his house for supper and doing her level best to ignore the sparks that are flying between them.  When faced with mounting teenage issues Tess is pushed past her emotional breaking point, and fortunately Clancy is there to catch her – and save her brother from his own foolishness.  Up until now, Tess has managed to curb her desire for Clancy but with her emotional state so fragile she succumbs to her need to be with him – and as a bonus, his friend, Ty, joins them.  It’s a magically freeing night, but as always there are morning regrets – for both of them.  Clancy instinctively knows that Tess is the woman for him but can’t get past his family legacy – and his father’s abuse.  What if he turns out to follow in those same footsteps?  Tess has to consider more than just her own needs, her siblings need her and keeping her teaching job is vital.  Engaging in a sordid affair with Clancy could potentially destroy everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.


BOUND BY AN ANGEL is an emotionally driven storyline infused with humor, teenage drama and plenty of scorching sex.  Mackenzie McKade captured my attention right from the beginning with a drunken serenade that really just set the tone for the rest of the story.  There’s an obvious attraction between Clancy and Tess but responsibilities keep Tess from acting on her desires – and Clancy’s fears are also an impediment.  Tess’s siblings bring a more lighthearted air to the storyline.  While yes, they are going through normal teenage angst and missing their parents, they still possess a positive outlook on life – and obviously adore Clancy.  Mackenzie McKade’s storylines are always a lot of fun to read and have characters who charm their way into the reader’s heart and BOUND BY AN ANGEL is certainly no exception.


BOUND BY AN ANGEL is the third title in Ms. McKenzie’s TIES THAT BIND series.  It’s definitely not necessary to read the other titles in order to fully enjoy this book but there are references to other characters whose stories are already available so you might want to pick up the other books as well.  They are:  





By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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