Bound to Love
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 10, 2007 - 2:57:00 PM

SUMMERHOUSE by Jonathan Marchant

A phone call from architect David Riggs Mason regarding damage done to her weekend home during a recent storm is the catalyst which will change attorney Joan Roth’s life. They first met two years earlier, but he’d been married at that time. Now divorced, he’s ready to show Joan that his mastery is exactly what she needs.


Brent and Lily’s marriage is based on love, trust, and discipline. They have a contract which is renewable every six months in which she’s agreed to allow him to punish her as he sees fit whenever she’s disobedient or anger gets the better of her. Brent’s forceful yet loving dominance helps soothe her enough to calm down and allows her to focus on the present.

WHAT IT MEANS by Brooke Stern

David and Ansel are a relatively new couple about to embark on their first foray into discipline. Spanking, to be specific. Both admit to an interest in it, but they worry about what it means. Are they perverted for desiring the extra stimulation?

NECESSARY TO HER GOOD by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

A young woman recounts her journey through life craving punishment. She learned as a child that spankings spark a state of arousal and lust. Over time punishment has become a necessity. Can love go hand in hand with the sort of humiliation which she needs?

COMFY by William Gaius

Tim’s search for a place close to campus leads him to Rose Ann’s door where he agrees to rent a basement apartment. The rent’s steep and it’s far from comfy but getting to know Rose and pleasing her soon becomes a focal point in Tim’s life. Can he convince her that the gap in their ages has no bearing on his feelings?


Seeing her childhood friend, Geraldine causes a woman to reminisce about when she discovered her love for her best friend she’d called Gussy. They rode horses together and she’d often fantasize about Gussy using the crop on her. When it finally happened she was torn between pleasure and fear that it arouses her so much.

JANICE AND KYLE by Reena Anne Hovermale

Janice is interviewing for a new job which she desperately wants. Kyle, her husband and Master, supports her and does everything in his power to encourage her including helping to dress her. Their marriage is constantly evolving and they enjoy trying new things but if she’s ever uncomfortable with anything they try she only has to say so.


Before they marry, Autumn’s fiancé fulfills one of her more intense fantasies - a gang bang. His love for her is apparent in the number of details he painstakingly ensures are taken care of and the manner in which he never let’s her out of his sight.

NATURAL BONDAGE by Maria Isabel Pita

A submissive compares her love of bondage and discipline with her Master to the give and take present in the nature that surrounds her. When she was living in the city sex was a driving force in her life. Living in the "middle-of-nowhere" she has a sense of peace with her needs and desires.


BOUND TO LOVE covers many aspects of the lifestyle commonly known as BDSM. Maria Isabel Pita has gathered vastly different stories with varying degrees of bondage and discipline which sometimes teeter on the edge of perverse. In every case there is a semblance of love and devotion between the couples involved and all scenes are consensual. There’s no shortage of emotional turmoil will make readers stop and think about the stories that they’re reading and their true feelings on each one.

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