Bound to Please
By Natalie
Sep 1, 2009 - 2:59:58 PM

Ruby Scott has the body of a goddess and the fantasies to go with it.  She is an event planner and enjoys a quiet life with little excitement.  Ruby prides herself on her respectability but secretly, in her heart of hearts, Ruby yearns to be bad.  She has hidden fantasies that would make even the most jaded of women blush.  Ruby dreams of being controlled by a Dom in the bedroom.  She aches with the thought of being spanked and dominated.  Alas, Ruby knows they are just the secrets of a lonely woman and is content to let them remain in her dreams.  Enter Mark St. Crow, a younger man but one who has the ability to make Ruby burn.

Ruby and Mark come together hours after meeting in a blaze of passion.  Mark is dominant, sexy, and is able to control Ruby and her passion with the crook of his finger.  Mark is known for his ability to play music and women with a master’s touch.  Ruby realizes this and tries to back away from the pleasure Mark makes her feel and the pain she makes herself feel with the thought of never being with him again.  Mark refuses to allow Ruby to push him away – he knows a good thing when he sees it, and his feelings for Ruby surprise even him with their intensity.  The ball is in Ruby’s court – all she has to do is take a chance on their love.


BOUND TO PLEASE is intoxicatingly wonderful.  A lover of D/s romance, BOUND TO PLEASE has just the right amount of dominance and submission, passion and pleasure.  Ruby’s character is strong, steady, and secretly naughty.  Her fantasies are scorching hot and she never thinks that they would ever come true.  Mark St. Crow made me shiver.  Sexy with a capital “S”, he is the epitome of bad-boy and angel all rolled into one.  The love scenes between Mark and Ruby simply shattered all ideas I had about D/s and then some.


BOUND TO PLEASE by Lilli Feisty is sure to please! Erotic, intense, passionate, powerful – all of these adjectives describe this titillating tale of a couple’s journey to attaining the perfect balance in their relationship.  It was marvelous! 

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