Boy Toy
By Zee
Oct 1, 2008 - 12:27:51 AM

Scarlett Marks faces a dramatic change in her life the day her financial manager disappears with her nest egg. Now, not only is she forced to step out of her quiet, content ‘retirement’ but she must on top struggle to find a job. Landing one at the Call Me Agency, which specialises in phone sex, is not her idea of an occupation but beggars can’t be choosers.

Finn Yates works at the bar opposite the agency. Every morning, he brings the employees of Call Me their coffee and in the evenings, serves them their drinks at the bar. Finn is young and seems carefree, making him the perfect target to be labeled a ‘boy toy’.

Throughout the course of her employment, Scarlett leaves behind the timid woman she was and finally blossoms into her own person. Finn notices the change, and this makes him more interested in Scarlett.

But she thinks she is way too old for him. Will Scarlett give him a chance? And will Finn be able to show her that love doesn’t come with age tags attached?

The story flows seamlessly, and the author pens a very nice tale that manages to touch upon the issues and turmoil roiling in the life, heart, and mind of Scarlett. The transformation from a shy woman to one who is confident in her own skin is beautiful. Scarlett blooms but still retains the naïve innocence that made her such a heart warming character when the reader starts to read her story.

Finn is a modern hero, a man confident in his own values and who know what he wants. Secure and responsible, he sets out to prove to Scarlett that he is worth a chance.

Add to this mix the many quirky and lovable characters that people this book. In the short span of Scarlett’s story, Ms. Leaf introduces a host of people and manages to make the reader like and root for them. Scarlett’s girlfriends at the agency would be any woman’s idea of a great posse. The friendship and camaraderie is very well portrayed and leaps off the pages.

Ms. Leaf merges heat into the tale and manages to do in a way that adds an additional facet to the story.

Well portrayed and at times funny, there is never a dull moment in BOY TOY!

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