Rough Riders, Book 6 - Branded as Trouble
By Laurie
Nov 16, 2009 - 10:25:47 PM

India Ellison isn’t your average businesswoman.  As proprietress of a tattoo shop in a small Wyoming town, she has to be strong-willed and thick-skinned to withstand the whispers of the town’s more close-minded citizens. The one person who sees beyond India’s body art and piercings is Colt McKay, black sheep of the much loved McKay family.  Unfortunately, Colt doesn’t appear to see India in the way she wishes he would.  She’s secretly lusted after him for some time, but as his AA sponsor she knows his every weakness and has her doubts as to whether he’ll ever see her any other way.

Colt McKay feels as though he’s been in love with India forever.  She’s been with him through the darkest, most difficult time of his life and understands his ups and downs. Colt has had a hard time convincing his family that he’s stronger than they think as they seem to be waiting for him to fall back into the bottle. India is the only person who knows him inside and out. Likewise, he has a pretty good handle on India’s every motivation in life. He knows that she puts up a pretty tough front when deep down she’s softer and more vulnerable than most women.


BRANDED AS TROUBLE is the fourth in Ms. James’ “Rough Rider” series, and may very well be my favorite. I enjoyed India so very much. She’s definitely not your typical heroine, but at the same time, she’s the same as every other woman who finds herself questioning her feelings for a loveable, hard-headed man . I think that Colt’s appreciation for India despite her differences will make him a favorite of many readers. BRANDED BY TROUBLE deserves a high recommendation, especially for readers who love a book with a western feel.

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