Branded by Anger
By Natalie
Sep 6, 2009 - 2:46:12 PM

Preston Evans wants Carly, but he doesn’t want to want her.  Preston’s pride is still smarting from the fact that he loved her and wanted to protect her and she lied enough to destroy and kill any hope they had of being together.  Preston watches and waits for Carly to return but when she does, Preston does not like what he sees.

Carly left just like Preston told her to.  She left and didn’t come back and has no plans of doing so until she receives information that makes her rethink her decision.  Running into bad weather on her way back, Carly is saved by Robert Barkley.  She is attracted to this young cowboy but refuses to deter from her mission of somehow making Preston see and realize how much she has changed.


Preston is taking no prisoners with the way he feels about Carly.  She’s lied and fabricated stories and almost emasculated him. Or did she? Preston has worked very hard at not forgiving anyone who had done him a wrong – but he’s never loved the person before.  This was the theme of BRANDED BY ANGER, and I was fascinated watching this story unfold.  Each character had to change his/her personal beliefs and that was hard for them.  Not everything was as it seems concerning Carly’s lies to Preston. I loved watching him realize the truth. 


BRANDED BY ANGER takes its characters on a roller coaster ride of emotions – pity, anger, forgiveness, love.  Be prepared to sit in one spot until you finish this enjoyable read.


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