Brash - The Cavanaugh Brothers, Book 3
By Raonaid
Mar 3, 2015 - 8:00:00 AM

Cole Cavanaugh is the third son of the late owner of the Triple C Ranch. He has never gotten over his twin sister's death and he continues to feel the loss of her absence as each year passes. Cass's memory plays as the prominent catalyst in his refusal to put down permanent roots or remain in River Black. Fighting has been Cole's coping mechanism to deal with his grief and the guilt of not being around when his sister needed him most. He suspects Grace's father of withholding information, and the stubborn veterinarian obstructs him from getting close to the retired sheriff to question. In the midst of preparations for an important UFC match, Cole receives an offer he cannot refuse: access to the ex-sheriff's old case files and help in his desperate search for new clues into Cass's unsolved murder.

Grace Hunter is River Black's resident veterinarian. She is the daughter of the sheriff that was in charge of investigating Cass Cavanaugh's murder. Grace has been taking care of her ailing father since his decline into dementia. In a rare moment of clarity, he mentions something vague concerning the dead girl that causes her to suspect his involvement. She extends an olive branch and offers to aid the Cavanaugh brothers in their search for possible leads in their sister's cold case. Grace wants to keep her father's name free of suspicion, and in order to succeed, she needs to learn the truth of Cass's death alongside the girl's twin brother.

I have been eagerly anticipating Cole's story since the first book, BRANDED. I suspected his book was going to be an emotional one because he is the one Cavanaugh that carries the most emotional damage from Cass's death. Cole even owns up to the fact and admits that his sister's death gave him excessive baggage. It was both sweet and heartbreaking how he felt undeserving of happiness and love because his twin was not alive to experience the same for herself. Cole is my favorite out of the four brothers. I love his charisma and bad boy attitude. He is edgier and snarkier than Deacon and James, characteristics I am always drawn to in male characters. Laura Wright has this incredible talent of writing awesome pain-in-the-rear-end characters that you simply cannot help but love, and Cole is no exception. His personality and crass manner reminds me somewhat of another character of the author's, a certain vampire from her MARK OF THE VAMPIRE series that is a fond favorite of mine.

Grace's role in the previous book did not leave a positive impression with me. She came off a little meek and tepid for my tastes. My thoughts on her character changed once I learned about her personally background. I began to see many characteristics that Grace and I share. She garnered my admiration and interest when she refused to let the Cavanaughs walk over her and hassle her ill father. What I liked the most about Grace is how at the beginning she did not like Cole from his actions and behavior, however, that did not stop her from helping the man solve his sister's unsolved murder. Her calm personality acted as a grounding agent for the combustible side of Cole's behavior. She did not push Cole but accepted him at face value, and that encouraged him to want to change on his own rather than per her influence.

The author does an outstanding job of capturing how heartbreaking it is for someone with a family member suffering dementia or Alzheimer's. I empathized with Grace there the most, remembering how rough it was on me when I visited my grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer's, and have him think I was my mother.

BRASH is the third installment in THE CAVANAUGH BROTHERS series. The author keeps the suspense going for the next, upcoming book. The mystery of Cass's death is still unresolved, and while a few questions are answered, more present themselves.

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