Bravo Unwrapped
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 1, 2005 - 6:03:00 PM

B. J. Carlyle works as a features editor of Alpha magazine. With her father as the publisher as well as editor-in-chief, B. J. works very hard to prove herself to prepare for when L.T. finally hands the editor-in-chief position over to her. Only now, she’s single, pregnant, and the December cover story has fallen apart.

Buck Bravo is a man on a mission. Getting B. J. back in his life is one of his top priorities. He’d messed up their relationship six years earlier and now wants her back. With Alpha’s cover story falling through, Buck sees his opportunity and latches on, he’ll agree to be the cover story, but only if B. J. has to spend two weeks with him and write the story herself.

Already suffering from morning sickness, B. J. drags herself out of bed and to the office only to be besieged with bad news. Her latest ex-boyfriend, Wyatt, wrote a story that’s been published in a competing magazine titled “Manhattan Man-Eater. That he is referring to her in the article is blatantly obvious. Alpha’s planned cover story has been called off, and nobody can come up with a good story for the December issue. Her father, L. T. has a cover story idea, but he chooses to keep it to himself until that evening and invites B. J. to supper, promising to reveal his big cover story idea. B. J. arrives for supper expecting her father and his latest Alpha girl, she wasn’t prepared for the shock of Buck’s presence or having L. T.’s big surprise story is her ex, Buck. Buck is a very popular man. He’s a best-selling author, and one of the many illegitimate children of his notorious father, Blake Bravo. Having Buck for a cover story is practically guaranteed to sell papers. That doesn’t mean B. J. wants to spend any more time in his presence that absolutely necessary. B. J. needs this story though, so she agrees to write the story and finds herself heading to New Bethlehem Flat, California with Buck and a photographer. Buck doesn’t know about the baby yet, and B. J. has every intention of telling him about his impending fatherhood - just not right now. B. J. just needs to figure out how to keep him from noticing her morning nausea and finding out about the baby before she’s ready to tell him.

Christine Rimmer’s BRAVO series contains characters that are always strong willed and determined with personalities that shine through the pages, and BRAVO UNWRAPPED is no exception. This story is full of quirky characters, interesting settings - both New York and California, Bravo family history, lots of fighting, and even more loving. B. J. and Buck have a past history that left them both hurting. B. J.’s convinced that she’s just no good at romantic relationships. Buck is out to prove that she’s everything he could want in a woman. Watch for the next installment in the BRAVO series, BRAVO FAMILY WAY coming in March 2006. There’s a sneak peak in the back of BRAVO UNWRAPPED. It looks like it’ll be another fine addition to the family line.

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