Brazen or Bust
By Pamela Denise
Oct 3, 2010 - 4:40:32 PM

Nica Morelli has never stood out for her feminine beauty. She’s always been a bit of a tomboy, growing up as the only girl among three boys. Nica had never given much thought to going girly until she began to think more and more of her brother’s best friend Logan.  No matter how much wishful thinking she’s done, however, Logan has only ever viewed her as a kid sister. On her twenty-fifth birthday, Nica decides to make a stand. She enlists her best friend Carmen’s help and gets an extreme makeover. Gone is the plain Jane who blended in with the guys, and in her place, a sexy woman ready to take anything on. With her new motto, “Brazen or Bust”, Nica pulls out all the stops in her plan to seduce Logan.

Logan Donovan had practically been adopted into the Morelli family over the years. He’d befriended Tony when they were kids and with that friendship, he assumed the role of an additional brother to Tony’s siblings. Now he worked at the Morelli construction business and spent a lot of his free time with Tony at PJ’s Bar. Logan’s never had a problem with the ladies, so when he spots a fiery redhead with a behind that tempts him beyond words at his favorite hangout, he knows he has to make a move. As soon as he cuts in on the dance floor though, the bottom falls out of his world when he realizes the woman he’s been fantasizing over is none other than Tony’s little sister Nica.

Unable to resist the pull of the newly transformed Nica, things heat up and go a lot further than Logan plans. For Nica, their night of shared passion is everything and more, but for Logan, it is a wonderful mistake that shouldn’t have occurred. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t go back to thinking of Nica as a kid sister. Yet he can’t allow himself to act on his feelings again as to do so would only be betraying his best friend and the family he’s come to call his own even more. If things are to progress, it is up to Nica to show Logan that the blistering chemistry between them can only lead to good things ahead.

Anara Bella delivers a delightful girl-next-door romance in a steamy little package. BRAZEN OR BUST is an entertaining combination of a great plot, likable characters and sizzling encounters. I adored this book. It captures not only a fun side and uses the bonds of family and friendship to draw in readers, but it also touches on inner insecurities and overcoming self-imposed boundaries. Ms. Bella has such a great voice. This story is a winner and a recommendation for anyone who likes seeing romance bloom from an unrequited love.

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