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Mar 16, 2011 - 5:57:12 PM

Leo Santos, an FBI agent, was the least liked agent in the division, but he got the best results. Since his arrest record was impeccable, he was given a lot of leeway. He never went on an operation without his right hand man, Barry Davis, known as Bear. Originally from Colombia, Leo was fluent in four languages. Leo’s grandfather had always been careful of his money and so they now own several of the top investing firms in London. So Leo is extremely rich. He has done a lot of good work for the FBI, but he has also used their resources and his money for his personal aim at getting to Cortez, a powerful drug lord who had burned his village, leaving many friends dead when Leo was young, one friend in particular named Mickey.

Charly Beaudeliar, aka Delilah, was a member of a select team.  Her boss Jimmy had been at the top of the FBI triangle at one time, but had gotten burned out over politics and red tape. So he became the founder of his own elite force. The team included two inactive federal officers who had received life-changing injuries on duty, an expert marksman, a compute prodigy, an ex-chief of police, a retired judge-politician and a spy. The team never stayed in one place long enough to get attached.

Using the alias Arturo Zepeda, second-in-line to the Zepeda drug cartel, from the Dominican Republic, Leo went undercover and boarded the yacht with the criminals off the shores of Miami with help fifty miles away. But after two days, he was still cooling his heels on the yacht, laughing and joking with Lenny Gecko, who was a stepping stone to Cortez, one of the biggest arms runners. The yacht was filled with people involved in Lenny’s schemes. At first obstructed from the view of the woman who came aboard, Leo was stunned when he got his first glimpse of Delilah Cummings, the illegitimate daughter of shipping tycoon Dolten Cummings. A stunning beauty, her personality intrigued him.

Hours later, Leo was bored out of his mind, but he had to keep his wits about him, especially after all the questions he was being asked by Trish Bardo, the girlfriend of a wheelchair bound man onboard ship. Leo managed to free himself from her clutches and found Lenny. But just when he thought he had worked out a deal with Lenny, Leo overheard Lenny tell Delilah that the deal had only been a ruse to string him along. It seemed that the homosexual Lenny had a crush on Leo. Delilah was also working to set up a deal that Lenny wanted to see go through. Cortez wants her father’s floundering shipping company because of the reputable name and Lenny is their connection.

Suddenly, Leo heard choppers overhead. There were too many choppers and they were near the coast instead of out at sea. He made a run for it, seeing SWAT moving into position. Delving deeper into the ship, not wanting his cover blown on this mission, which had suddenly gone bust, he thought of Delilah and the fact that he had not ordered SWAT. That’s when he knew, but on busting in her door, Leo discovered she was gone.

Taking a leave of absence, Leo tracked down Delilah Cummings. A few minutes after she left the bar with her latest mark, Leo followed them, sneaking into the suite, only to find the man dying. After calling an ambulance, he discovered her on the balcony.  She managed to make her getaway just before he was surrounded by a squad of gun-wielding men.

After countless hours and a small fortune, Leo tracked her down to the headquarters of an offshoot of the bureau. Finding her there, he let her know that the only one on board the yacht not accounted for was Trish Bardo, who he suspected was being held by Charly’s organization. Enjoying Charly’s anger at this veiled threat, Leo suggested that she accept Cortez’s invitation for Delilah to come to his palatial estate. As her bodyguard, Leo would go with her. After some debate, he managed to get her to agree to help him. Working closely together, the sparks began to fly between the two and left Leo wondering if there was a way to make their partnership permanent.

A delightfully intriguing read, BRAZIL is a fast-paced, exciting romantic suspense that readers will find themselves rapidly turning pages to get to the very satisfying ending. Leo and Charly each have their own conflicts from their pasts that they need to work out. By joining forces, they soon find the answers they have been looking for. Packed with danger, nail biting suspense, complex and compelling characters, witty repartee, steamy love scenes and romance, this book is one for the keeper shelf. I recommend BRAZIL to readers looking for a terrific read with plenty of excitement and a bit of spice.

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