By Sue Leech
Aug 20, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Landon Lucas Maxfield was in a world of no hurts and no feelings and things were so great. A future of more good times and a lot of promises.

Landon's life changed completely when his mother was killed and all his hopes and promises faded away. He found himself hiding from everyone including himself.

Jacqueline Wallace came into Landon's life and with kindness and caring she helped him see another side of himself. He wanted to be her protector and was very fond of her.

Time went on and Landon realized he wanted to be more than Jacqueline's protector.  He wanted to be much more and his feelings were giving him an insight for the future he was sure was gone forever.

The past tragic event that haunts Landon must not rule his whole future, but it takes so much for him to overcome. He finally faces his demons and looks toward a brighter future and hope of wonderful memories and not all unhappy ones of the past.

This was a book to cause you to think and wonder how many people in this world deal with such problems every day.

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