By Sarah W
Jan 6, 2012 - 4:03:43 PM

Erin O’Brien helps her family, she is a boon to her best friend, and everyone in her small community of Ballycraig adores her. But Erin has bigger dreams for herself than staying in Ballycraig and helping run her parents’ Bed and Breakfast. She is working on finishing her art history degree and moving on to something different. Erin has had her future crushed once before, by falling in love with Rory Brady, hockey player extraordinaire and her childhood love. When she gave him an ultimatum, he left her in the dust and since then, she has worked hard to rebuild her life. Rory’s sudden arrival back in Ballycraig may just change everything again.

Rory got blindsided by the fame, wealth, and stardom that came his way as a member of the New York Blades hockey team. When Erin insisted they marry, he bailed. But now he is back and he is not going to let her go, this woman he has loved most of his life. He knows he behaved like a jerk but he did not quite realize how much people dislike him now until Ballycraig residents give him the cold shoulder. He has some explaining to do and he has to start with Erin. Everything begins and ends with her and he is ready to make amends.

BREAKAWAY takes readers away from NYC, the setting for many of Deirdre Martin’s romances, and back to the rolling hills of Ireland. Rory has a lot to make up for that is for certain. His cockiness leapt off the pages a tad too often and I really wanted Erin to take him down a peg. On the other hand, it was easy to see why she was still so attracted to him. He is a genuinely nice guy, even if his actions do not always mimic niceness. But he obviously regrets what he did to Erin and truly wants to move forward with her. Part of the charm of this story is revisiting Ballycraig, the setting for a previous Deirdre Martin book. The cast of secondary characters make for amusing reading as they too get swept up in the rekindled romance of Erin and Rory.

I liked that Erin was taking care of herself though and realized that no matter how much she hurt in the past because of Rory, she is able to better stand on her own two feet now. She looks out for herself and takes care of herself in a way she might not have before. Erin’s personality is enjoyable and warmhearted. She is the kind of character you want to see fall into happily ever after.

BREAKAWAY may be another New York Blades book but it stands alone perfectly. Of course, you may want to go back and scour Martin’s backlist after finishing. As usual, the romance is top notch! Fans of second chance love stories will delight in Rory and Erin’s reunion as she puts him through the wringer just a bit, making their eventual happiness just a tad bit more fun!

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