Breakfast In Stilettos

Author: Liz Kingswood

Publisher: Camel Press

Release Date: July 15,2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Emily Royce, a prim and proper thirty-something woman, needs some zest in her life after her on-again, off-again boyfriend unceremoniously dumps her. Baffled by his actions, Emily chalks it up to one of life’s experiences but laments the fact to her friends, boss and mom. They totally agree that he isn’t the one for her. Life rings true and holds some enlightening surprises for Emily.

When Emily’s boss at the Seattle Sun Times orders her to examine, probe and write an article on the slutterati scene, which is the fetish obsessed crowd in Seattle, she instantly knows who to go to for the inside source, her ex-boyfriend, Frank Trager. He fills her in on the best places to investigate for her article. Frank tells her to research it on the internet, and he gives her the names of people to interview, as well as the name of a salon in town. These are her best bets according to him. Does Emily score big time?


It is a challenge, but Emily sets up interviews with a sex therapist, Dr. Rachel Steiner, and a sub, Pixie Caldwell, casting her prudishness aside. What they tell her makes her rethink many things. She also delves into chat rooms and learns a few aside quips and comments. Emily goes on a shopping expedition for the right outfit to wear to the salon when a pair of stilettos catches her eye. She must have them! Her trek to the Slutterati Salon is a revelation, especially when her escort is her ex-boyfriend, Frank, who abandons her practically at the front door and makes like a tree and leaves. What does Emily do? Fortunately, a handsome hunk rescues her and becomes her guide to all things slutterati at the Salon.


BREAKFAST IN STILETTOS is an intelligent and fresh tale starring a quirky and fascinating cast of characters who find sex, love and empowerment albeit an alternative route. Emily Royce, a writer for the Seattle Sun Times, researches the slutterati community, the fetish obsessed and finds some surprises along the way. The author Liz Kingswood’s gift is her ability to make readers cheer for the spunky, brave Emily as she braves her way into the fetish community. The plot is spiced with steamy situations and the right touches of humor. I found the story to be a real eye opener because it is not your typical contemporary romance. BREAKFAST IN STILETTOS is crazy, sexy and funny. Definitely uniquely unusual, but fascinating.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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