Breaking All the Rules
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 18, 2008 - 11:04:10 AM

Allie McAllister's flamboyant, fun loving personality makes her a hot commodity at The Guild, a popular nightclub, where she tends bar.   It's an artsy crowd and they delight in her playful antics.   She's not just a bartender though, she's got several published novels and occasionally even mentors men interested in writing a book themselves. For them she has three rules which from which she never deviates.   She'll only give them six months, they have to do what she says - no questions asked, and under no circumstances is there to be any emotional attachment.   Her methods may be a bit unorthodox but they work.

Attorney Adam Carlton has no false illusions about having an ounce of creativity in his body but he can't deny being inspired by Allie's.   He’s willing to do whatever he has to in order to get closer to her - including paying an outlandish amount of money for a body shot.   The tequila may be cheap but he' s more than willing to pay for the sheer pleasure of putting his lips on her breasts.  


Soon after Adam learns from his friend Charles about how he became involved with Allie and why their relationship ended.   Allie’s rules fit his lifestyle perfectly.   He doesn't have time for a serious relationship and high drama.   Six months should be just enough time to get her worked out of his system and still stay focused on his career.   After she gets off work from the nightclub, Adam and Allie end up back at her place satisfying their mutual desire. But come the following morning, Allie’s ready to feed him breakfast and send him on his merry way.   There's only way to convince her to keep him around - ask her to help him write a book.  


BREAKING ALL THE RULES is a delightfully fun story with tons of emotional appeal.   Allie and Adam are characters you can' t help but like.   They're intelligent, witty, and play off each other beautifully.   I loved getting to know Allie and the various aspects of her personality.   She seems bold as brass and yet there's a vulnerability that comes out more and more as you read.   Adam's got his own problems, namely Erica, an ex who refuses to believe that they are over.   Monica Robinson draws readers into this storyline with the fun nightclub atmosphere but it's the characters and their struggles with their own fears and emotions which ensure that readers won't forget their stories anytime soon.


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