Masters of the Shadowlands, Book 3: Breaking Free

Author: Cherise Sinclair

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: June 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Beth is barely able to cope.  The victim of spousal abuse, she is scarred both inside and out.  Her body knows what it wants, however, and that scares her more than anything her sadistic ex-husband could dish out.  Going to Shadowlands gives Beth the sexual outlet she needs, but her ability to top from the bottom has forced more than one Dom to wash his hands of her.  In fact, it is so bad that the owner has told Beth that she only has one more chance in his club.  She must accept the Dom of his choice or lose her membership in the Shadowlands.   Unwilling to compromise on this, the club owner’s mind is made up.  Beth WILL accept Master Nolan and she WILL accept his tutorage in submission. 

Nolan has seen Beth in Shadowlands and has always watched her bring the Doms she accepts for the night to their knees.  He knows exactly what Beth wants, even if she doesn’t.  With patience, control, and quiet fortitude, Nolan shows Beth exactly what it means to be his submissive.  As their feelings for each other change, an ominous presence makes itself known – Beth’s cruel ex-husband has found her. 


Not for the faint of heart, BREAKING FREE, the third book of Cherise Sinclair’s MASTERS OF THE SHADOWLANDS series pulls no punches.  In this latest installment, Nolan and Beth are unlikely mates.  Their passion is dark and very erotic. The suspense in BREAKING FREE wraps itself around you and engulfs you in its embrace.  Passionate and powerful scenes of Beth’s submission to Nolan winds its way to your heart.  I felt my breath clench more than once and my palms were often sweaty.  I wanted Nolan to wrap Beth in silk and keep her safe.  Nolan, however, gave Beth what she needed – someone strong enough to catch her when she fell.  BREAKING FREE is one of the most spell-binding and intimate books I have ever read.  I loved ever single word. 


As an FYI, BREAKING FREE is the third book of a series and I would highly recommend readers beginning with the first book, CLUB SHADOWLANDS, also available from Loose Id.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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