Breaking Free
By Sherri Myers
Aug 1, 2007 - 11:50:39 AM


Once a stay-at-home mom and wife, Maggie Roberts has spent close to the last ten years of her life in prison, paying for an accident she was responsible for that claimed her young son’s life.   While in prison, she has done the best she could to ‘just get by’ and serve out her sentence.   When a new program working with retired Thoroughbred racehorses is started, Maggie isn’t sure if she wants to do it, but her love of horses convinces her to sign up anyway.   

Maggie is assigned a high-strung, abused gelding named Breaking Free, who will be put down if he can’t be tamed.   As Maggie begins working with Breaking Free, she falls in love with him, and he responds to her gentle, but determined, training.   As Breaking Free nears the time he can be adopted, Maggie has to come to terms with letting go of the only thing that has given her a reason to live.

Gil Winters has spent most of the last eleven years of his life doing the best he could to care for his disabled son, Eddie.  When his wife realized their son would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair after he was diagnosed with spinal bifida, she walked out on both of them, leaving Gil to raise the young child alone.  Eleven-year-old Eddie loves horses and has his heart set on having his very own, and he finds the perfect one when they go to the Thoroughbred rescue program’s adoption event.

When Gil sets eyes on Maggie, he knows something is different about her from the other inmates working with the horses.  His distrust of her and the others is obvious, but Maggie ignores Gil and kindly shows off Breaking Free to Eddie, who instantly falls in love with him.  But will Eddie get the horse he has his heart set on when Gil learns that if he wants to adopt the horse, he must take Maggie the trainer too in a package deal?

Award-winning author Lauraine Snelling has written over fifty books during the course of her writing career, and she now adds to that long list with her newest addition, BREAKING FREE.   Horse-loving romance readers will especially enjoy this novel of second chances, not only for the horse that shares the book’s name but also for Maggie, the book’s main female.   My favorite character was Eddie, who even though he had physical limitations, didn’t let that get him down and insisted on living his life to its fullest.   BREAKING FREE is an enjoyable story about what is possible if only we will take another chance on life and love.  

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