Breaking the Rules
By Ann
Nov 1, 2009 - 5:31:00 PM

M’s life changed when she was attacked near her family’s estate.  She runs to New York and becomes a famous supermodel without using her family’s connections.  Along the way, M finds herself with not only true friends but the love of her life in Laurence “Larry” Vaughan.  What more can she ask for?  However, her world is about to change again.  Her great-uncle, Jonathan Ainsley, is alive and resolute in his will to destroy her family.  Now, they must come together to bring him down once more before it’s too late.

BREAKING THE RULES once again brings the Harte women to center stage.  M is rocked by tragedy but she rises like a phoenix and succeeds on her own merit.  She is unwilling to use her family name to get ahead and manages to find a man who loves her for her, not her fortune or fame.  The Harte women are still the backbone of the family and it was nice to see each of them interwoven into the storyline.  I thought it was ingenious how they found a way to use Jonathan Ainsley’s weakness for money against him.  Ingenious yet simple.  Overall, BREAKING THE RULES is a welcome addition to Ms. Bradford’s repertoire and a must read for fans of the Harte family.

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