Breaking the Silence
By Katie
Mar 21, 2009 - 12:12:38 PM

William Jackson has finally bought his own home after years of hard work. Ever since he moved into his house, he lives for the afternoon when he can watch a woman walk her dog along a path near his house. William knows that this is a bit too stalker like and creepy, but William has no experience with women. William has never gone on a date or even had a girlfriend. But since he made the move to buy a house, he has a new outlook on life and will put one step in front of the other and try to meet the cute dog walker and make conversation with her.

Jenny Fitzgerald is an engineer at a firm and hasn’t had a date in forever. She can’t understand why there are no men around for her to pick. The only offer is from her overly friendly co-worker Even who freaks her out. Jenny is definitely not interested in that man, no matter how desperate she gets. So instead she laments on her single status and walks her dog when suddenly a god from the sky appears in front of her.

Jenny can’t believe her luck when the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen is on the path she uses to walk Rosie, her dog. He may not be much of a talker, but there is something about him that Jenny likes. And when she invites him to a work function, he accepts.

William never thought a beautiful woman like Jenny would give him the time of day. He doesn’t see his appeal and thinks the only reason people stare at him is because he looks awkward. Being with Jenny makes him happy and he feels like he belongs. Both are so over the moon with each other that they can’t dare to leave each other’s company. Jenny thinks William is so perfect and too adorable for words.

Everything is going great for both Jenny and William, that is until Evan, who is so obsessed with Jenny, wants revenge for refusing him. What he does to Jenny may destroy the love both she and William have finally found with one another.

BREAKING THE SILENCE is an emotional and so very romantic story. William is the shy, not too vocal hero who adores the heroine with every sense of his being. He is so uncomfortable in his own skin that it takes the love of Jenny, a fun and caring woman, to show William how great he is. Jenny was perfect for William because she was almost the total opposite of William. She was bubbly, optimistic and just enjoys life.

Not many books make me want to go on and on why they are so very special, and BREAKING THE SILENCE is one of them. Katie Allen has definitely caught my eye. This is one book that shouldn’t pass you by.


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