Breath of Spring
By Diana S
May 3, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Annie Mae Knepp left her father’s house after he was disgraced by the church. She is seventeen-years-old and hasn’t pledged her faith. Annie Mae has been playing the field with different men during her rumspringa time.

Adam Wagler is devoted to his faith and has always been a good friend to Annie Mae. He understands how Annie Mae needs to spread her wings and enjoy her youth before she decides to pledge her faith. Adam has some deep secrets about his rumspringa days.


The story is set in the Amish town of Willow Ridge, Missouri. Annie Mae has gone to work in the Sweet Seasons Café to help support her sister Nellie and herself, after her ex-bishop father was disgraced by the church. Annie Mae is enjoying her new-found freedom from her tyrant father but knows he will come for her someday. One of her men friends has gone to work with her father at his new Plain settlement and tries to bring her down to their level by disgracing her. Annie Mae has to find a way to help her small siblings escape their unhappy home and bring them back to the fold. Andy comes to her aid often and comes to realize his feelings are changing toward marriage and Annie Mae.


Charlotte Hubbard has a good understanding of the Amish and their beliefs. She helps you to understand what they believe and why in her SEASONS OF THE HEART series. I enjoyed reading this book and learning a little more about the Plain people.

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