Bride and Groom
By Sandra Tibbetts
Jun 16, 2003 - 1:39:00 PM

"Does the course of true love ever run smooth? For these three couples, the answer is a resounding "no," as they experience thrilling adventure and spellbinding romance on the bumpy path down the aisle. Different times in history, different places on the map-but the same eternal theme: one man, one woman, and one triumphant love uniting them forever in wedded bliss..."

The Knight da la March by Deborah Jones
Ginerva Venier runs away from her powerful family disquised as a beggar pilgrim to find her injured love, the Knight de la March. She knows that with the the chivalric code of the 13th century he will marry her for her own protection because he is a First Knight of France and also a warrior Lord. Ginerva has been in love with Gatien since he had stayed with her parents in Venice before he set sail for Nicopolis, and she misunderstood his teasing and decided to marry him. Ginerva nurses him back to health and hopes to win his heart as well as his bed.
I found this story very heavy with historical accuracy and authentic language ,which bogged down the story in the beginning but was pleasantly  surprized,  to find the rythm of the story pick up and found I was soon caught up in ginerva's determination to win Gatien's love and with the help of an equally determined ghost; what chance did this magnificent warrior Lord have?
This a rather sweet love story that follows Ginerva's growth into a young woman of substance, rather than the spoilt child she was and as Gatien comes to know true love.
The Bridal Cup by Linda Madl
Lenora Camville is a victorian maverick, encouraged by her dear uncle Grant that she could be anything she wanted to be, she is not only a American doctor. But on her uncle's death bed , she learns she is also the true Chief of the clan Camville and that many centuries ago a Camville had stolen the bridal cup from the clan MacDonnarts after being defeated in their last battle in Scotland, before they had immigrated to America. Lenora's Uncle has made her promise to return the cup to the MacDonnarts and to put an end to a century old feud.Lenora goes to the highlands of Scotland  to return the bridal cup just in time for Ross Macdonnart, Lord of Glendale's wedding to his childhood friend.Since this will be the first time in centuries that the bridal cup  will be used again, Lenora is invited to stay and enjoy the festivities and present the cup to the groom on the eve of his wedding. Lenora and Ross are passionately attracted to each other but duty demands that they resist this powerful attraction for each other.
A charming story of that has you following the characters through their emotionally charged scenes, as Ross must learn to put the past feud and duties behind him and move forward to the more rewarding surrender of his emotions and love for Lenora.
For those who enjoy historical romance, you will find this story , a novella, too short but will enjoy the parring of the two lead characters as  they try to cope with their feelings and passionate emotions.
Promises To Keep by Patrice Waddell
After the Civil War, Joelene Chapman travels to Texas to marry her childhood friend, Russel. Upon her arrival she learns that he has been killed and has left her his half of the ranch that he owned with his best friend Luke Maddock. Since Joelene now has no family she decides to stay in Texas and claim her half of the ranch. Russel has asked his friend Luke to always look after Joelene for him. The problems arise when Luke and Joelene are torn by the deep passion they feel for each other. Luke feels he must honor his friend by denying his feelings for Joelene because he is sure that she will always love Russel. Joelene is a woman of undeniable courage and loyalty to her friends.While Luke is also loyal, caring and deeply in love with Jolene.
A passionate love story of two people who have fallen in love but fight to their feelings for each other. You will find yourself feeling all their emotions and despair as this story sweeps you along into their love story. This was an enjoyable story and  I hope to read more of Ms. Waddell's books.
As with most anthologies you will find that each story is short and quickly over, even if you wished they had been longer.

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