Briefly Yours: An Erotic Romance
By Sarah W
Aug 6, 2008 - 1:45:31 PM

Ava Parker designs underwear for a living. Only, she does not design the sexy stuff. Rather, she designs the ordinary, everyday wear at Skiv-Ease. For a company that is not doing well, her line is the best in the business and continually sells very well. That is why the Board of Directors has invited Ava to rescue the Cupid’s Beau line of Valentine’s Day men’s underwear. She has some great ideas but the Board is wary. They want Ava to work closely with Justin Barrett, the company’s new financial consultant, to ensure that Ava’s designs are a true success.

Justin is very intrigued by the shy but intelligent and sexy Ava. He really likes her ideas and believes in the line she is developing. And he definitely wants to get more involved in the research aspects of her work. Justin wants Ava but somehow Ava cannot truly believe he wants her. After all, she designs staid underwear for a living. Ava is not sexy, or so she believes. Justin sets out to convince her otherwise. But Justin is a man on the move, determined to never settle in one spot for too long. Can he get close to Ava without losing his heart and without hurting her?


BRIEFLY YOURS has sweet, spicy, and very amusing moments. Justin and Ava definitely spark something special in each other. While Ava is definitely a bit shy at first, the more she gets to know Justin, the more she lets herself be free with him. He takes her ideas seriously and gives positive feedback. She grows in confidence throughout the course of this story. I liked also how Justin started to have real doubts about himself as the story went on, doubts about how his lifestyle was making him happy. Ava was showing him another side of himself, a side he was only beginning to appreciate. BRIEFLY YOURS is a good mix of character development and relationship growth. Ava and Justin start off one place in the novel but end up with new ideas, new feelings, and a better appreciation for love.


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