Bring On The Heat - Boys Of Summer series, Book 1

Author: Katie Rose

Publisher: Loveswept

Release Date: August 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Darcy Hamilton is a gopher/assistant to socialite Lydia Logan. The pay is not the best, but it is a job nonetheless. Darcy shows up at work only to have to rush Lydia out the door to make her next flight. Before Lydia leaves, she gives Darcy the surprise of a lifetime. She hands over her invitation to a charity event that the Sonics, a baseball team that Darcy loves, will be attending. She tells Darcy to attend it as her so that she can meet them. How can a girl possibly say no to a once in a lifetime opportunity like that?

Darcy gets all dolled up and gets into the event with little to no problem. That is only because everyone there assumes that she is Lydia. After a while, Darcy gets tired of trying to tell people who she really is and decides to just go with the flow. She even gets to meet the dreamy pitcher from the Sonics, Chase Westbrook. Imagine Darcy's shock when he asks to take her home.

Chase is just looking for a good time and Lydia Logan is reported to know how to party. They hit it off and he decides to give her a ride home. They go back to his place and things really start to heat up. Next thing Chase knows, he wakes up to find Lydia gone. Good thing she left a pair of earrings at his place because that gives Chase just the chance he needs to see her again. This time, he is not going to let her get away so easy. He wants to know the real her under her party girl exterior. Just when he starts to fall for her, he learns her devastating secret. Will their relationship survive this? Can he ever trust her again?

Author Katie Rose is brilliant. Sports-related romances are at the top of my must read list right now so I just could not pass up her BOYS OF SUMMER series. It is off to a good start with BRING ON THE HEAT. Everything about this book screams sex appeal: the cover, the excerpt, the characters. I loved the back and forth between Chase and Darcy. The chemistry between them is explosive. I anticipate that the next novel in the BOYS OF SUMMER series will be just as entertaining.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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