Bring The Heat
By Christina
Aug 1, 2009 - 8:32:15 PM

Police Detective Riley Ellison likes order and routine, its part of what makes him a good cop. Lately though he is feeling more and more out of control. He has been going out of his way every morning to get coffee at the Java Pit but it isn’t the fancy coffee that draws him in like a moth to a flame, it’s one of the other customers.


Riley walked into this coffeehouse purely by chance but he can’t help coming back. He and his mystery man have been exchanging flirtatious glances every day. Riley has never been able to work up the courage to approach him. This man has an air of danger about him. He is gorgeous and sexy. He couldn’t be seriously interesting in a geek like Riley. Everyday he promises himself that he will not come back but he can’t deny the lust and longing that he feels.


When the mystery man, whose name is Dane, gives Riley his number he is shocked and completely unsure of what to do. However, a murder investigation begins taking up all of his time and he doesn’t have the opportunity to do anything about Dane—until fate decides to take a hand once again.  Riley has had a long exhausting day interviewing possible witnesses in his murder investigation. Thankfully he only has one to go. When the door opens Riley is shocked to come face to face with Dane.


M.L. Rhodes is one of my favorite authors. Her stories and characters never fail to grab hold of me. Dane and Riley have heat and chemistry but Riley has been hurt in the past. He is so insecure and he can’t see his own worth. I identified with Riley and his fears a great deal. I was cheering him on and hoping he would be able to give Dane a chance.  BRING THE HEAT is a pleasurable and sexy read.


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