British Bad Boys
By Sarah W
Nov 5, 2006 - 1:47:00 PM

Sit back and prepare to hop the pond to Great Britain with romance author Nancy Warren as she introduces readers to three BRITISH BAD BOYS.


George Hartley, the nineteenth Earl of Ponsford, will do just about anything to bring in some cash for his ancestral home, Hart House. That includes letting documentary TV producer Maxine Larraby into the old home to do a special on the house as part of the Great Estates, Grand Titles, film series.


Maxine never expected to meet a handsome and dashing Earl when she went to Hart House to film. Rather, she was expecting a stodgy, older man. George is a hunky bachelor though and as Maxine and the film crew start to explore Hart House for the documentary, all Maxine wants to do is explore George. He feels the same and soon things are heating up between the Earl and the producer. But with her life in L.A., is there any chance for a happily-ever-after to their fairy tale?


Love, laughter, and romance abound as Maxine and George discover the joy of an American-British connection.



Arthur Denby, local pub owner, has just turned over the keys to Stag Cottage to American mystery writer, Meg Stanton. She’s come to Great Britain to find her muse. As a writer, her confidence has been badly shaken by an ex-lover and she needs to recuperate. Coming upon the website for Hart House seemed like a Godsend.

Meg has one goal. To write and write and write. She doesn’t intend to become distracted, but Arthur is one distraction she can’t get out of her mind. As the story starts flowing, Meg learns that it is increasingly hard to keep her heart safe from Arthur. But she’s only in Great Britain for three months. There’s no way Arthur will follow her back to the U.S., not with his dedication to the pub. Is there any hope that this thrilling love story won’t end in disaster?


In the midst of a crowded pub, two hearts meet and never let go in this tantalizing tale.



Rachel Larraby has come to Great Britain for a bit of a breather. She’s newly divorced, lost her job as a chef at a restaurant she was starting to think of as hers, and is more than bitter about men in general. When her sister Maxine invites her to Hart House, it’s the perfect opportunity. She’ll cater a wedding and just relax a bit. The only thing is, she never expected to meet Jack Flynt.


Jack Flynt is a love ‘em and leave ‘em type. The perfect guy for a fling in Rachel’s mind. But what happens when this playboy wants a more permanent connection. Will Rachel let go of the past and embrace this new love?


UNION JACK is a more than satisfying ending to this great anthology. Jack and Rachel share a genuine connection, even amongst her bitterness. It’s a pleasure watching her fall head over heels for him.


BRITISH BAD BOYS is surely one of the best Bad Boys anthologies to date. Lots of romance, spice, and some sexy British men prove to be a winning combination. Nancy Warren has crafted three tales that you will be unable to put down. You might just be tempted to hop the pond yourself and sample the local men.

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