Broken (Redemption #1)

Author: Lauren Layne

Publisher: Flirt - Random House LLC

Release Date: September 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Ebook

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Olivia Middleton makes the decision to leave her glitzy New York City life to go help out an injured war veteran in a quiet town in Maine.  She hopes the change in scenery will allow her to put the skeletons in her closet behind her and have a chance to rebuild her shattered world.

Olivia’s client, Paul Langdon,  is not the frail older man she anticipated; instead he is a man close to her own age.  Paul has made it a point to run all his care takers off.  He knows his father is only hiring them to relieve his conscious on how he cannot reach his son.

Paul’s father orders him to not interfere with Olivia’s care tactics.  He has set a stipulation if he does not give Olivia a chance, he will cut off his allowance and force him to leave the place he calls home.  Paul knows that he is not ready to leave the safety his home provides, and knows he must do whatever it takes to welcome Olivia.

Olivia is not put off by Paul's negative attitude towards her or the scars that mar his face.  She sees him as someone who has suffered the worst the world has to offer and now is faced with the decision on how to move forward with his life. 

Paul sees Olivia as the perfect example of what his injury will prevent him from having; he knows there is no way a blonde beauty would ever be able to see past his scars and accept him into her arms.  To deter her interference in his life, he decides to mettle into her past to see what he will find.  What he reveals is a cruel fate of reality, one that he insists on being revisited.  When Olivia’s come face to face with her past, will she ever be able to forgive Paul for his betrayal?

BROKEN is jammed packed with heart wrenching scenes that will ensure to touch ever readers heart who experiences it.  I was highly impressed with Lauren Layne and how she is able to intertwine two such wounded souls.  How they discover love in each other arms is the true substance that romance books revolve around. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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