By Christina
Sep 21, 2009 - 8:57:47 PM

Gabriel Stalling hasn’t seen his twin brother Tristan in seven years. When Gabriel came out to his parents they immediately disowned him and he left home and never looked back. His one regret is that he left his brother behind. Although, they have managed to stay in touch Gabriel has missed having his brother close by. He is very excited that Tristan has finally decided to come and stay with him.

Tristan Stalling has always regretted not standing up for his brother when he came out to their parents. Instead he stayed home and towed his father’s line. He has always done exactly what is expected of him until the day his carefully constructed life came crashing down around him. Now he has gone from being a respected restaurateur to being broke and a total pariah in the business world. The only person he can turn to is his brother.


I found BROKEN by Sage Whistler to be an enjoyable and moving novel however, it does deal with difficult subject matter that some will find objectionable. This is a twincest story. Gabriel and Tristan’s feelings for one another run far deeper than that of brothers and they express that love physically. The author handles this issue with great care and in a very realistic manner. The emotions between her heroes are very powerful and extremely genuine. Gabriel and Tristan face many obstacles not the least of which is their own conflicted emotions. Both of these men find it difficult to accept their feelings for one another but their love cannot be denied. I came to care about Gabriel and Tristan and I found myself rooting for them and hoping they would find a way to be together. BROKEN is an engaging and emotionally stirring novel.

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