Author: Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Release Date: March 2, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Quinn Rafferty thinks of himself as BROKEN.  From his early childhood until his adolescence he had no one to depend on for his survival until, suddenly, with the death of his mother, Quinn finds out he is a twin and meets the newfound brother and father he had no idea he had.  Because of his early years, Quinn is used to depending on no one, and it is very hard for Quinn to give up control.  Even his first choice of a career allowed him to work alone rather than with a team.  Now, as a bounty hunter, Quinn can make his own hours, find who he wants to find, and do whatever he wants to do.  When he wants a woman, he makes sure they know the score first.  He likes it that way.  And then he meets Sara Davis.

Sara Davis is on the run from a man who wants to kill her.  Never able to stay in one place more than a few days at a time, she is so tired of moving constantly and always looking over her shoulder.  When she gets the opportunity to rent a small room in a boarding house that is safe, Sara jumps at the chance, even knowing that she might wake up one day and have to run.  She trusts no one with her secrets, and while the other boarder might be sin personified, Sara doesn’t let her guard down even for a minute.  This is a good thing because suddenly the first man she has been attracted to in a long time might be the man to bring danger to her door. 


BROKEN by Shiloh Walker is stormy, passionate, and exciting.  With an intriguing hint of suspense, BROKEN took me on a journey between two people who are used to depending on themselves and no one else.  What you see is definitely not what you get when you look at Quinn and Sara.  In BROKEN, hidden lies, half truths, secrets, and a deadly game of cat and mouse up the ante in this outstanding novel.  Add in extreme hotness where Quinn is concerned and an elevated pulse might occur!  Sara is protective, loyal, and just what Quinn needs to complete the puzzle that is his life.  They are definitely two halves of a whole, and the love I envisioned them sharing was minute to the feelings they each had for the other.


BROKEN is anything but.  It is a thrilling read with connected characters and compelling love scenes.  Hang on to your hat because Shiloh Walker’s writing ability shines on every page!  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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