By jhayboy
Feb 1, 2009 - 5:43:28 AM

Returning home after seven years, Jocelyn is not only feeling edgy but it is only with the reassurance of her best friend Kylie that she is able to continue the journey. Going home on the invitation of her father’s bride to be – she not only has to tackle the rift that she has let develop between them, but she also has to find the courage to face Cade, the man she gave up on when she was at her lowest.

Cade is spiting mad and he is being a child – according to his brothers. Cade however has a different take on how he feels – he’s hurt, he’s angry and hell yes, he is mad and frustrated and he knows he is being childish about the fact that Jocelyn is coming back home, who wouldn’t be – after all she is the woman who told him he’s too country for her.


Keeping up their anger and hiding from each other seems not to be getting them or their families anywhere. When Cade’s brothers and Jocelyn’s best friend takes matters into their own hands to get them together, they set a plan in motion, but will Cade and Jocelyn stop long enough to read between the lines of what they are telling each other?


Ms. Vaughn is not only one of my favorite authors, she’s also an author who knows how to weave and plot a story and is not afraid to tackle some of the more emotional aspects of life.


BROKEN is just that, two protagonists broken by words, by actions and by the realities of life. Cade is mad and is not prepared to see or hear reason until he is faced with the reality of how Jocelyn’s life has been since she left home seven years ago – but has he learned this information too late to make a difference?


Jocelyn on the other hand has lived in fear for the past seven years and missed out on a major part of her life with her family and the ranch she has always called home. Now that she is back has she opened a can of worms that she is not ready to face?


Eve Vaughn has given us a brilliant read with BROKEN, the book deals with some sensitive issues head on, in a way that not only respects the integrity of the protagonists, but also gives a voice to how family deals with the worst kind of trauma. I thoroughly enjoyed BROKEN and will be looking out for more from this author.

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