Brown Paper Packages
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 23, 2009 - 9:30:57 PM

Anne’s love life is on the skids.  Oh sure, she’s married and it’s even her anniversary.  Should be cause for a romantic sexfest right?  Well, considering her husband didn’t bother to come home at a decent time and let all her efforts go to waste, despite the wrath she faces once her boss discovers she snuck out from work early, there definitely won’t be any romance taking place anytime soon.

What’s a girl got to do to get a little attention for the man in her life?  I’m so glad you asked; Mistress Paige knows just the thing to teach women how to even the playing field with their significant other.  Oh she’s smooth about how she goes about offering up advice but once the seed of self confidence is planted in a sex-deprived lady’s mind there’s no going back.  Look out men!  Mistress Paige has taken on her next pupil with a simple ‘mistaken’ brown paper package that holds a wealth of information and Mike is in for the surprise of his life when his meek little wife decides that it’s time she gets some sexual satisfaction and he will deliver.


Mike, like many men, is clueless about his wife’s needs or desires.  Sex has been relegated to a few minutes in the missionary position after which he promptly falls asleep leaving her a bundle of unfulfilled need.  Well, there will be no more of that!  While he’s shocked by Anne’s newfound take charge attitude it’s also unbelievably exciting. 


Dare I say it? Yes I think I will!  I absolutely love this story.  Why?  Because I’ve been married to a ‘minute man’ (as I refer to him) for sixteen long ‘what’s the big O anyway?’ years and having the whole problem between men and women spelled out in a short story is hysterically funny and endearing.  Christine McKay pens this story so that there are plenty of shock factors, humor, unrestrained (and restrained) sex scenes, and even manages to make the characters personable so that readers can relate to them.  BROWN PAPER PACKAGES had me chuckling out loud while I contemplated incorporating the scenes into my own life.  This story was a delight to read and I’m sure I’ll read it many times over and smile over Anne’s daring behavior.


BROWN PAPER PACKAGES is one of several books being released through Ellora’s Cave which are dedicated to Lara Anne Punches, a young woman whose life was cut tragically short.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to her family.

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