Buffalo Winged

Author: Patricia Reilly Panara

Publisher: Beef on Weck Press

Release Date: September 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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This is a momentous day for Nikki Holloway – her Wedding - the day that holds the promise of happily ever after and a love that lasts a lifetime.  As she is enjoying the festive scene of her family and friends skittering all about; Nikki is secretly wishing this day could be over and back to normal, whatever that was. But, what she soon experiences is anything but average.  She quickly realizes that life doesn’t just come in mild flavors.  There are moments when extra spicy jolts the human psyche and she’s handed a strong dose of reality, which shatters her hopes and desires.

Nikki’s fiancé, the man of her dreams, Frank Leonard, is having second thoughts.  As Frank gets ready to leave the safe confines of his apartment he suddenly realizes he can’t go through with the impending marriage.  What does a man do when something like this happens?  Is there a special greeting card to send to your potential wife letting her know you’ve changed your mind? 


What Nikki does next is beyond belief.  She goes through with the reception, minus the groom, and faces the evening like the trooper she is.  Although the non-wedding party goes on as planned there seems to be a few hitches as the evening progresses. 


What happens when you mix your best friends, family, a very interesting cast of characters, and oh, yes, how could I ever forget – Buffalo, New York? You now have the makings of a solid and brilliantly written novel.


Add into the mix, two lovable ex-entertainers, Nikki’s Aunt Viv, and her estranged friend, Margie (with a hard G). Aunt Viv, who resides in England with her husband, hasn’t spoken to Margie in many years due to a terrible misunderstanding.  Not only do these captivating women possess colorful personalities, they were honestly refreshing, truly believable, and quite comical.


A special character I fell in love with was Michelle, Mush to her friends. She is Nikki’s dearest friend and has such a wicked sense of humor.  Nothing is sacred; nothing is left unspoken as long as Michelle is in your company.  Her friendship with Nikki is skillfully written and through her odd quirks, her warmth is displayed in such a manner that you can’t help falling head over heels for her.  Mush is the friend we all wish we had.  


While on her honeymoon with her friends…yes, you read that correctly...they wander through Europe and befriend a man, Jack, who is immediately drawn to Nikki.  Jack has his own demons he’s trying to rid himself of and Nikki is just the woman to help him.  The only problem is that Nikki is uncooperative.


This caravan of characters is skillfully drawn by the artistry of Ms. Panara.  Her wonderful sense of creativity led me along a path of many emotions.  Her insight into family and friends is rich with color, ripe with imagination.  Not only did she take me on a delicious journey, she held me captive with each page.  From the moment I read the first sentence of this marvelous tale, I realized there was something exciting and special about this new author.  This is Ms. Panara’s debut novel and it is with great pleasure that I highly recommend BUFFALO WINGED.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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