Building Passions

Author: Jane Bierce

Publisher: Awestruck

Release Date: June 23, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jacqui Belpre is one busy woman. She's almost single-handeldly running the home building business left to her by her parents. At least, until her brother, Kyle, is old enough to pass all the necessary tests and takes over. Until then, she runs the business and keeps her brother and sister in line - there is no time for romance or anything feminine. Running from one job site to another constantly requires real work clothes and a hard hat.

Christopher Warden runs a local resort hotel. He also has his younger sister, Alaine, staying with him due to their parent?s divorce. With his resort expanding and Alaine's recent involvement with Jacqui's brother, Christopher uses the guise of getting a bid on the new project to attempt to have Jacqui keep Kyle from Alaine. The result? Not what he was expecting.

Jacqui is extremely busy getting ready for the Parade of Homes scheduled to take place in only four weeks. When Christopher arrives in all his pompous glory, he first mentions wanting a bid for the Egret Island project. Jacqui informs him that she couldn't possibly have a presentation ready to meet their deadline. Christopher then brings up the real reason he's in her office, to discuss his sister's involvement with Kyle. Jacqui becomes quickly offended at his impression that Kyle can't hold a job and therefore isn't good enough for Christopher's precious sister. He soon learns that Jacqui will not interfere in her brother's affairs and that he couldn't have been more wrong about Kyle. Jacqui tries very hard not to like Christopher, but something about him attracts her. She'd been determined not to have anything to do with him, but couldn't resist taking a look at the plans for Egret Island. Once Kyle sees the plans, he talks Jacqui into planning the layout better than what was planned . . . just for fun. Jacqui never intended to actually submit a bid for the job and definitely doesn't want to get involved with Christopher, but some desires are just too powerful to resist. On top of Jacqui's confusing feelings for Christopher, there's a reoccurring pain in her shoulder that she's doing her best to ignore as well as the worries over the thefts happening on construction sights all over town.

Jane Bierce's BUILDING PASSIONS is a wonderfully addictive story. The family dynamics among Jacqui, Kyle, and Janice is simply wonderful to picture. They're all so supportive of each other, even if things don't go exactly as planned. Christopher and his sister, Alaine, have never been very close. He's trying to step into a fatherly type roll and Alaine rebels by spending time with someone whom she knows Christopher will not approve. Ms. Bierce takes us on this couple's journey to finding trust and love despite their initial mistrust. I adored Kyle and Alaine as a couple and would love to know more about what happens with them as well as what Janice decides to do with her future. BUILDING PASSIONS has a great plot filled with fun characters. This is definitely a book I'd recommend reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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