Burning Bridges

Author: Anne Krist

Publisher: Bookstrand

Release Date: July 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Sarah Richards’ life is about to undergo a huge change and she’s not at all sure she’s prepared to deal with the results of the newest revelation.  She met and fell in love with Paul when she was still in high school and he was a Navy recruit over two decades ago.  Then the Vietnam War separated them and she never heard from him again.  Now due to a postal snafu, Sarah’s received a package of letters from him that open old wounds and have her second guessing her own beliefs about the relationship she’d shared with Paul.

Sarah’s parents believed that they’d been doing the right thing when they’d prevented the young lovers’ letters from reaching their destinations.  Sarah was devastated that she never received a single letter from Paul.  The whole situation was made even worse by the simple fact that she was pregnant with his baby.  Alone, she follows her father’s edicts and goes to live with her aunt but against his wishes, she opts to keep her baby whom she named Paula.


With her family’s help, Sarah’s made a good life for herself and Paula.  Sarah runs her aunt’s beloved gallery and Paula’s grown into a beautiful intelligent young woman.  There’s no need to reopen the past but these letters have her questioning choices she’s made.  Thanks to Sarah’s parents many of the letters Paul sent are forever lost to her but she now knows that he did love her.  Unfortunately it’s too late to rectify the situation now, Paul died a few weeks after the last letter was dated. 


Sarah makes the decision to pay a visit to Paul’s parents and let them know about Paula.  After all they are Paula’s grandparents and do have the right to know about her.  It seems like a simple plan, fly to Iowa, meet Paul’s parents and let them know about Paula, but nothing is ever as simple as it seems and for Sarah, the shock of discovering the truth about Paul is heartbreaking and poignant – and may make it impossible for her to forgive her parents for the part they played in keeping them apart.


BURNING BRIDGES by Anne Krist is an emotionally captivating tale from beginning to end.  As a reader you’re pulled into Sarah and Paul’s young romance, the deception that brings so much heartache, and the effect it’s all unknowingly had on Paula.  I really felt for Sarah who’s obviously loved Paul all this time yet tried to go on with her life to the best of her ability.   What she learns when she visits his family’s farm is stunning but it’s made even more intense because it’s obvious that her love for Paul is still very much alive.  Ms. Krist delves into the changes that occur in all the relationships throughout this story so that you’re able to understand exactly what each of the characters is going through and able to empathize with them.  BURNING BRIDGES is a beautiful story about a young love ripped apart that burns bright through two decades of separation.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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