Burning Down the Spouse
By Ann
Jul 1, 2011 - 3:12:57 PM

Frankie Bennett is infamous.  She went ballistic after finding out her celebrity chef husband, Mitch, was cheating with Bamby with a “Y” on live TV.  Now she’s living at her aunt’s retirement community, penniless and without a job.  However, her Aunt Gail has a secret plan.  She has enlisted the help of former trophy wife and founder of Trophy Jobs Employment Agency, Maxine Henderson-Baker, to help find Frankie a job at Greek Meets Eat, a diner where Nikos Antonakas needs help.  Can she move forward when her past seems to follow not so far behind her? 

BURNING DOWN THE SPOUSE is the next installment in the EX-TROPHY WIVES series and one that I’ve eagerly anticipated.  I thought Frankie’s meltdown was classic because she did what most women could only dream of doing to their husbands when they found them cheating with another woman.  Yet at the same time, Ms. Cassidy shows how hard it is to pick up the pieces.  It isn’t easy and she pulls no punches with Maxine or with Jasmine.  Frankie is headstrong but still vulnerable to her ex-husband’s machinations but he doesn’t hurt her as much as Nikos can.  Nikos is a kindhearted man who would give his last dime to help someone.  However, he has a jealous streak that can be exacerbating at times.  His past experiences cloud his judgment and it almost makes him lose something precious.  It takes some stubborn secondary characters to show him the error of his ways.  I love Ms. Cassidy’s style of mixing humor and a dose of reality and cannot wait to read the next chapter in the EX-TROPHY WIVES series.

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